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Free Online Study Programs In USA

As we all know, the USA is known for their education standards, and some of the best colleges are present in the USA itself. Many students around the world come here for the sake of education. These colleges and schools are ranked in the world’s top list of the best schools and colleges.

It isn’t easy to study in these top-ranked world-class colleges. So, in the article, we have some free online study programs in the USA on our list. These colleges have greater academic progress and are available with high-profile education staff. So, it is the dream of everybody to have this world-class education.

As everybody has access to the internet nowadays, these online free courses can be done by anybody with a smartphone or a personal computer. Some online learning platforms like edx, Coursera, and future Learning have made online learning straightforward and provide online courses. Thus, we can learn from the top instructors at no price or with much less money. This is the list of the Universities which offer free online study programs in the USA.

Three Best free online programs in the USA:

Princeton University 

The courses which are available at this university are-

  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies, which is available on Coursera. This is a course with a duration of 11 weeks.
  • The second course is Algorithms, part 1; this is also available on Coursera and has a time duration of 6 weeks.
  • The next available course is Buddhism and Modern Psychology, which is also a 6-week course available on Coursera.

Next are the courses also available with the FedEx platform, which is the same as Coursera, which also offers free courses.

  • The name of the first course is Making the Government Work in Hard Places, the duration of this course is eight weeks.
  • The second course is The Art of Structural Engineering: bridges, and the duration of this course is also eight weeks.
  • The last course offered by this university is Global History of Capitalism, the duration of this course is six weeks.

Harvard University 

Everyone had at least dreamed of studying at this university. It has been considered the best university in the world in recent times. We shall go across the courses which this university offers.

  • Computer Science for Business professionals is the first course available in it. The duration of this course is six weeks, and it is available on edx.
  • The next course in Science and Cooking is a 16 weeks course on edx.
  • After this, the other course is Masterpieces of World Literature, which has 12 weeks and is available on edx.
  • Our next course is The Opioid Crisis in America which is 10 weeks and is available on edx
  • The next course is Contract Law: From Trust to Promise to Contract, which is an eight-week course also available on edx.

Columbia University

Our next university is Columbia University, the best university with a world-class teaching staff. The course which they offer is as follows.

  • The first available course is Construction Management Specialization. This is the course which has a period of 5 months and is available on Coursera.
  • The next course is The Age of Sustainable Development. This is the course with a duration of 14 weeks and is also available on Coursera.
  • Our last course is Financial Engineering and Risk Management Part I. This course has a time duration of 8 weeks and is also available on Coursera.


In this article, we have gone across various courses made available by the best universities in the world for free or very few charges. If you have a craze for learning, then the free online study program in the USA is for you.